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Independence Day 2002 (Newark, California)

Today's Afghan music can be roughly divided into traditional, modern and post-modern. Boundaries between these different categories are not clear cut but roughly reflect eras of pre Soviet, intra Soviet and post Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.  The influences of neighboring cultures is reflected upon Afghan Music. Since Music was banned by Taliban, most Afghan music during that period was created in exile.  Afghan artists continued to produce music specially in the United States and Canada.  We urge you to support our Artists by purchasing their CDs and attending their concerts as they reflect a culture that had nearly became extinct due to the international political games. Here we present a directory of Afghan music sites throughout the world. If you have any suggestions regarding adding any sites, please send info to

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Afghan music sites around the World

  • Afghan Music - Large collection of Afghan music along with Afghanistan, Ghazal and Mast music stations; full artists list including Ahmad Zaher, Farhad Darya, Habib Qaderi, Qader Eshpari, Nashnas and many more...
  • - Talents from east and west come together to raise their voice for peace.
  • - collection of Afghan music videos
  • Afghan Rap(single)
  • Afghan MP3 Downloads - Download MP3 songs of your favorite artists and latest videos
  • Afghan MP3 Songs - downloadable Afghan MP3 songs and albums
  • - If you have any problems understanding Afghani songs, Afghan Lyrics can you help. You can submit, request and search the lyrics of your favorite artists here.
  • - Collection of Afghan Music Videos and entertainment links
  • - Collection of Afghan Music Videos and entertainment links
  • - German based Afghan sites with many Afghan artists (German)
  • Ahmad - Dedicated to the late beloved Afghan singer
  • Robab - Listen to one of the best Robab players in the west - Larry Porter
  • - Ontario based site with a comprehensive database of Afghan music in the categories of Pop, Classical, Ghazal, Instrumental, and wedding songs. 
  • - Over 2500 Afghan songs in real audio and Afghani/Irani MP3 Afghan singers include Abdul Khlaiq Aziz, Abdul Raof Kandahari, Ahmad Taher, Ahmad Wali, Ahmad Zaher, Ali Omar, Awal Mir, Biltoon, Ehsan Aman, Faiz Karezi, Faiz Qaderi, Farhad Darya, Grohe Baran, Habib Qaderi, Haider Salim & Salma, Haider Salim, Hangama, Khalid Shabab, Madadi, Mahwash, Mariam Wafa, Mashal, MOssa Amin, Naghma Mangal, Naim Popal, Najim, Nashenas, Nasrat Parsa, Omar & Parisa, Qader Eshpari, Quraishi, Rangarang, Safdar Tawakoli, Sajia, Sarban, Sayeed Omar, Shahla Zaland, Tanboor, Ustad Sarahang, wahid Qasemi, wahid Saberi, Wahia & Farid Rastagar, Zahir Howaida, Zarif Yosufi, Party Music and Zekria.
  • - Collection of Pashto songs
  • Afghanistan Peace Organization - songs categorized by artist and language including Ustad Rahim Bakhsh, Beltoon, Farhad Darya, Gulalai Khaksar, Khan Qarabaghi, Majid Panjsheri, Safdar, Akram Osman, Hafiz, Farida Anwari, Ahmad Zahir, Ham Ahang, Nashinas, Rukhshana, Sarban, Rahim Jahani, Sar Ahang, etc.   
  • Omar Music - Variety of Afghan songs in MP3 and Video format.
  • Music Center and Fine Arts Foundation - Fremont (California) based Music Center, the original Recording Studio of Afghanistan Established in 1975 is proud to revive all its archives to CD format.
  • Afghan Media - over 20 artists with their music
  • Afghan Music Channel - One of the most comprehensive database of Afghan music on the internet, including MP3 music center, Artist center and events postings
  • Afghans - music by almost 40 Afghan artists
  • Bahar Music - Collection of Afghan music Audios and Videos, photos and with upcoming Afghan Movie clips. Videos include Ahmad Zaher, Ahmad Wali, Bakht Zamina, Ehsan Aman, Farhad Darya, Farzad, Nastrat Parsa, Naseem, Najeem,  Parisa Morsal, and Wahid Saberi in real video 
  • - over 200 songs by 24 different Afghan singers organized by artist 
  • -  24/7  Music Channel - 24 hours Afghan music
  • Afghanistan Online - Traditional Afghan music and description with photos of Afghan musical instruments - Ustad Awalmir, Salam Logari, Kheyal Mohammad, Shawali, Sarahang, Ahmad Zaher, etc.
  • Afghan Music Page (Najib's Homepage) - collection of songs played serially when selected specifically
  • Hazaragi Magazine - collection of Hazaragi songs (real audio)Hussein Ali, Rajab Haidari, Amanulla Tartar, Amanullar Yusifi
  • Afghan Online  - Collection of Afghan contemporary songs including Asad Badie, Ahsan Aman, Qadir Eshpari, Farhad Darya, Habib Qadir, Maryam Wafa, Abdulla Muqari, Ahmad Zahir, Zakria, Naim Popal, Ahmad Tahir, etc. 
  • Afghanistan's Web Site - Deri and Pashtu music
  • Pashtu Music - UK based site with links to Pashtu music

  • DJ Omead - Persian DJ also serving the Afghan community for parties, engagements, and other events.

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